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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

But It's A DRY Cold....

I try not to swear here like I do in person....which isn't often.... *loud snort* .... but baby it's F--ING cold outside!!!!!!!!! I had to laugh last night, the weather lady said, "But it's a DRY cold!"
Which is a good thing, us Washingtonions don't drive well on icy roads!
For something different. A wooden shelf with lights....woooowhooooo right? I like it. Dan and Stephanie made this several years ago and it occurred to me that using it for holiday display might be a grand idea. So I stapled LED lights to the 'back' and now need to dig out the decorations.
The neighbor raided his mom's storage shed for Xmas display things and has a good start on them!
Here they are looking through my own icicle lights. I need to actually go OUTSIDE to take more pix of the lights and night now that ain't gonna happen!
Here is another shelf for display that I finally got put up. Driftwood. The 'hangers' are the door knockers I spray painted recently. I can't use them on the door, the holes don't match up in the steel door, so I got to looking at these things from a different angle. No they are not placed evenly on the wall, not if we wanted the 'shelf' to be level! Dragonfly on the left and trowel on the right. Oh, and a Xmas card in the middle.


  1. It is so cold here that to even take the garbage out to the garbage can is excruciating!

  2. That wooden thing with lights is really neat.