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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Moon

You know, blogger's can be as packed with info as Google is. For example, Susan says on this New Years Eve there is a full moon. Dec. has already had one full moon, so this second one is called the blue moon. She probably got this info from Google, by the way. I snagged the photo from her blog instead of looking for my own, thank you Susan!

For 52 years, New Years Eve has also been my birthday!
{I am mom's tax deduction, my brother is April 16th, sigh of relief after paying taxes}
So I think I need to post a bunch of hints on notes about having a blue moon cake,
don't you agree???

Wouldn't that picture make a great ornament? I just discovered this glitter, from another blog of course, and I think they have just the blue that would work for a Blue Moon Ornament....and maybe add a sprinkle of this one and maybe a dash of these beads for texture of course!

I am going to be singing the bits and pieces of every moon song I know, blue or otherwise!


  1. Happy Birthday, a little ahead of time! Pretty special to have a blue moon on your day!

  2. Happy birthday very soon - and now I'll be singing Blue Moon all night. :-)