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Sunday, November 08, 2009

When Does A Bear Not Look Like A Bear?

When she loses all her hair, of course.
I just thought you needed something different to think about today!


  1. Wow! Where does Dolores live? Maybe she needs to relocate to a more suitable place with less stress. Poor thing.

  2. Wow. I think that just fried a few of my synapses.

  3. Phyllis--Dolores lives in Germany with 2 other bare bares.

    WM--believe me, I had to look several times before I was convinced it was actually a bear! This is not a look I care for, in dogs, cats or, now, bears!

  4. Oh, I'm BEGGING, you, Vicky, puleeze change this picture.. I can't take it any more. :) Alexis