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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey....or Not.....and....Chicken

"who are you texting, Lily?"
[she is only 16 months old, isn't this a little early to be calling friends???]
Rhiley @ almost 4 months. That black strap is on the walker, my mom's walker which we use for a baby walker for now. Rhileys car seat fits on the seat and darn near latches on the bar on the back. Don't worry, we don't take her outside in this get up, we just wheel her around on the bare floors
I didn't try to hide any nakedness on these birds! They were supposed to be for Turkey day, but that didn't work out. We had 8 p.m.! No kidding. The breasts didn't thaw in Ben's fridge, and Ben didn't get them here until around 2, at which time I suggested we toss them in the hot tub to quick-thaw, but wait.....we don't have one!
Anyway, dinner was late, people were sick [colds] and the day was kinda skewed.

We did these birds over beer in it's can....I was not very impressed.
The beer was ok, just not the can taste.

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