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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meanwhile, Back On The Beach....

I am working on this version of a beach, again. I added grassy sections of the fabric to rather empty sections of the same fabric. It needed more grass, ya know?
So here you see I am going outside the usual....
the rough looking edges are the raw edges of the added fabric bits.
I decided this pile of rocks needed a clothesline draped over it and anchored by 'seaweed' and wrapped with the some thread.
this is the whole scene
And now for something completely different!
We get our meds at Target, and they put these colored-rubber-rings around every bottle. I have been saving them. I covered all the purple ones that were the same size, with this shiny-but-crappy thread. I am thinking about turning them into a garland for the tree. I did 3 of each color and the bare rings you see will get variegated color-threads crocheted on them.


  1. Love the added grass a lot...

    and those crochet rings WILL look great as a garland! What a great idea!

  2. Those rings are a clever idea. I like clever decorations.

  3. Neat. My eyes were initially fooled by that first photo.

    I like what you're doing with those rings, which would otherwise go to waste in a landfill.

  4. Your embroidery is so beautiful. The rings are great...old curtain pulls. I collect this old ones. I love the varying colors of these.