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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Marine Layer

That's what the local fog is called. It cools things off nicely, thank you!

Deck progress.
The lighting bolted tree shows up pretty well in this 'marine layer' light.
The weeds and other hubris hide the fugly trailer rather nicely, don't they. Shame they can't hide that fugly car too.
Dead branch? Yup. Look at the colors in that branch. I have been watching it all summer.
Yesterday I took Stephanie to the doctor. She had coughed so much she now had a pain in her rib cage. I thought it, the cough, was just caused by nasal-drip-allergy-crap. She didn't feel sick at all. Shoulda known better. She has an inflamed left lung, caused by ???, that would have probably become pneumonia and the pain in her rib cage is bruising from all the coughing. At least I, Dr. Mom, got that one right.

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