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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Cried.....So Did Rhiley!

Rhiley Renee Davis-Yorba, July 22, 2009, {the day I was hoping for!} 6.6 pounds {I thought she would be heavier}, and 19 inches long! {she is going to take after her daddy???}
Bright eyed the whole time.

Danny, dad, was in a bit of a daze....I had to disturb him so he could put Rhiley's first diaper on her.
All My Children......Ashley, my middlest holding her first, my oldest, Ben, my youngest, Stephanie, my newest, Danny. Danny is Ashley's SO who will someday be her husband. This is my third granddaughter, and the first birth I got to attend. Wow wow wow....
I cried.
I also sang Happy Birthday to Rhiley when I got to hold her.
{i didn't want to be selfish, so i waited to ask for her}


  1. What a day!!!! What a baby. So glad it is all goind well.

  2. Congratulations to you and your family!!!! Now you can sew so many pink girly things.

  3. Oh Vicky!!! Rhiley is BEAUTIFUL and so are all of your children...What a blessed day and Lucky you to be there for it. just doesn't get much better than that!

  4. Oh such a sweet, sweet baby! You have a very lovely family and you are the best grandmother I am certain.

    So if this was the first birth you attended it will be the one you will never forget. Everyone looks so happy and full of love. Such a cherished time for all. How nice that you shared these photos!

  5. Perfect little girl. Welcome to the world, little one!