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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hon-buns

Happy Birthday My Ben and My Grandgirlie Lily! Lily is 1 years old today!!
and her daddy is 20 something.
No doubting the the family resemblance!
The storybook quilt is sandwiched and I got 4 stitches of the quilting started last night. Yipee!
This blue stuff is a variety of fabrics that I threw in a baggie with some dye and left baking in the sun for the afternoon. I wanted to see how the different fabrics would react to the dye...not as much difference as I was hoping for, but then they aren't dry yet either. I have them drip drying on the back railing. The fabrics are damasks, taffeta, that sort of thing...and a piece of cotton batt.
Oh my, there's and hole in my front yard.
Oh look, 2 more holes.
ooooooooo..........bright orange string............

hehe.....the baby thing on the side bar? I wondered what it did when you went past the due says 'congratulations'.....but Ashley hasn't had the baby yet. She is now only 3 days over due and she doesn't want to have the baby today on her brothers birthday, who now shares that day with his own daughter. But think of the fun a party would be!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    All babies should have their portraits made with Groucho glasses at least once, IMO.