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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grab Bag Giveaway! and other Works

There is a Grab Bag Giveaway over at CTPublishing. Go get in on it, I will wait.
My current project is this Storybook quilt, that had it's beginnings at the same time as I started Megan's Storybook quilt, but this one got put aside.
I am adding Harold's Purple Crayon. I know the purple is not as dark as it should be, but I have run out of that DMC color and am using one of the other purples in my stash. The first picture shows the beginning of Wug-gie Norple. I may add to the "words" with other thread, maybe doing the whipped back stitch.
My brother sent these Moose related items to my mom. That side of the family has had mom on a Moose thing for years!
Nail polish. Steph was testing her polish, and I thought the colors were too fun not to include here.
Speaking of Steph....she was wearing the hat I made her this last winter-spring. She had it on yesterday, the first cool day we have had for weeks! We even had RAIN! [usually it rains like a trucker up to the 4th of July, then the nice weather arrives for summer.]

The plans are to bring my mom home on Wed. And Ashley is now in the days of waiting for baby. I am betting a buck it happens Wed. and she decides she DOES want me there! [Ashley has wanted it to be just her and Danny in the labor-delivery room, which is fine, but that could change]


  1. If I read this right, today is the day...Good luck and I'm glad you get to be there....That storybook quilt is a winner! and I like the idea of whipped backstitch for harold's crayon drawing. Just a thought. and, i agree about the nail polish...

  2. What a gorgeous bunch of cats you have there. Thanks for visiting my blog, neighbour! I'm probably just about 100 miles north of you.