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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday's Pictures

I may be on the mend, or I may be just getting worse, either way I am at a cusp. Thank you for the wishes of wellness!

But, all sickly things aside, I wanted to give a little info to the pictures in my last post. The Rubik's cube....Steph was using embossing powders for the lines....then she decided to cut out all the 'negative' spaces....then she decided to add the colors behind....then she added it to a card shape....then she embellished the card....[this is where you insert our family phrase, "and then?"] I believe these are supposed to be grapes the birds are messing with.
The statue is of Columbus, in Spain, that Stephanie took a picture of while there, last summer. She has it MySpaced and it has since become a 'joke' between friends.

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