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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Dryer ---- Old Log Cabin

My laundry room at the moment. With it's new dryer. The old was 'burning' white clothes, well mostly the white ones. The spots really look like someone left the iron on, on it. Anyway, Dan decided we needed a new one, as we were going to Lowe's anyway, let's take a look.
So we looked, and kinda liked one of the white generic machines. Then I ducked down the clearance aisle, and look what I found....a Champagne colored dryer with all the bells and whistles and a price reduced 600$.....SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF....wholey shit! On top of the credit card deal Lowe's has going right now [no interest for 6 months from date of purchase, which was were hoping to get for the deck materials we need] I was a happy camper. Stephanie said later "Why did you get such a fugly dryer?" For some strange reason, I like the color....maybe it was the price tag that made the color so nice.
I have finished the butterfly block for now and am working on the log cabin. I have only a tad more stitching to do on the sky, then it will be ready to rest until I have the borders made. My plan is to crochet the borders from wool yarn and felt them, like I did once before...and can't find the picture's the yarn...that I got here.
Then maybe I will pull this one out to re-do....
Getting closer to completion. by you.
Whole scene up to now by you.
Or maybe take this one off the design wall and quilt-embellish some more.
There is also a quilt for Steph I want to start, but that will involve the sewing machine. This other stuff is hand work.


  1. I like that dryer. It's tasteful and a tad modern, without looking so severe one could orbit other planets in it.

  2. Lovely dryer - the color makes it look so soft. Can't wait to see what you do with your projects.

  3. What neat and colourful projects you have going on over here. You must be quite energetic these days. And a new quilt for Steph? I wish I could borrow some or your steam so I could finish a few things too.

    I love the story about the dog watching the dryer go round. How sweet is that?!

  4. A Champagne toast to your new dryer.