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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Front Page for the Guestbook

Update to add: Phyllis asked if this had been a surprise, and yes it was. I didn't have it quite finished by Sunday to include in the guestbook for all to see. But I did have it done enough to show Ashley before the shower, when she could sit down and go over all the things on it. She has the guestbook now, and I am hoping to get that back so I can add a few more things to spice it up a bit...I realized the edges where the holes are are boring!!

I made up a quilted page for the guestbook I made for Ashley, for the baby shower. The pictures are bassawakwards, but if I mess with them, you can't click and enlarge to see closer, or bigger.
Ashley spelled out in beads, the hand is ASL letter "A", and since Ashley took ASL in high school....and since this is all about Ashley.
One of the beaded creatures Stephanie made years ago. They are slowly getting used on quilts. This back pocket is from a pair Ashley wore, of course.
I 'hung' a pair of earrings on the belt loop, but didn't get a really good shot of that. The dice beads are from our road trip to Las Vegas a few years ago.
The "5" is from a girl scout uniform, or rather, was supposed to have been sewn to a uniform. Ashley did the small cross stitch patches years ago. The purple pin reads "I do Whatever the little voices tell me to do". Ashley had those pins all over her purse one year.
The tassel is the HS colors, as you have seen on Stephanie recently.
The whole front. The metal "Ashley" is from one of the wood stoves of the same name, not sure where I snagged that from, but it was during our mountain living days {Sierra City, CA, in the Sierra Nevada Mt's.} Rocks and seashell {blue mussel,Mytilus edulis} are from road trips to the beach. I forgot to add a bitty piece of driftwood!<span class=

Construction of this~~~ I hand quilted a piece of batt to the blue fabric, folded it in half, chopped off a bunch to get it to binder size, and then went to town! Somethings should probably also be glued.


  1. What a lovely treasure of momentos! Seems like it would be such a fun project to work on. I am assuming this is a surprise? Lots of love and heart going into this one.

  2. How wonderful! She's gotta love it!
    I saw a tutorial once about attaching things to fabric. You need strong thread (floss?), a small 4 hole button and superglue. Thread the button crosswise, leaving 4 long tails - one from each hole. Keeping the tails free, superglue the button to the backside of the "thing" then pull the tails through your fabric and secure with knots. I like your macrame type thread work on the things on this though - they suit it.

  3. This is a great piece of work! I love the personal-ness of it all (is that a word?)