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Friday, April 10, 2009

New View

From my chair.  Taken about 10 minutes apart.  Wed. evening.

Yesterday, while in my chair, Page, our Jack Russell, came to me, gazed into my eyes with her doggy-brown ones, wagged her bitty tail, and wouldn't take the ice cube I thought she wanted.  After much conversation, mostly on my part, I asked her if she wanted 'up'.  That's what she wanted all right.  She wanted to gaze out my new window too! Not sure how I will get a picture of us there in my chair, but I will try.  

As soon as Page spotted the neighbor-dog from the window, Abby, our much bigger pooch, though she would just jump up and join us.  HA!  

She didn't like being denied, what with Page hoottin'n'hollerin' doggy style, out the window!  Tough. 

I think the cat had left the room before all this ruckus began.

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