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Monday, April 27, 2009

How's It Hangin'

But first....the Stick.  Ashley and Danny got me this stick on their trip out to the pacific ocean* {Ocean Shores area} last week.  It's the perfect gift for me/us!!!
click to enlarge
See....isn't that a cool stick?
So I added it....
to this wallie I quilted from a 'whole cloth' piece of fabric.....
that I have shown you before.  We didn't like the way it hung on the wall, we felt it was "upside down".  This last picture is how we have it now, but is that right?  Which way would you hang it?


  1. I like the way you have it hung now.The stick is perfect for it. Lovely

  2. With the stick you could hang it either way - I like the big rocks at the top best.

    We have gorgeous sun up here - sorry you are getting the rain. I think we are getting some tomorrow - are you sending it up here? If so - stop it!!!!

  3. I prefer the way you have it now. The impression it gives may be different in person, of course, but via the web it devolves down to a perspective issue. My brain is expecting the close (large) items at the bottom and the further away (small) items at the top.

    On the other hand, if you turn it the way you'd originally planned, people will get the excitement of feeling that rocks are about to fall on them!

    Regardless, it's a lovely quilt and a great stick.