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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well...curtain...singluar.  For my corner. So I don't show up in the window in the middle of the night.  
The fabric has silver threads running through it, and slubs that make the dots.  I love it.  Found it in the bargain section of Joann's last year.
This crochet lace was made by my paternal grandmother.  She had stitched it with teeny tiny stitches to the hem of a pillowcase.  I have only this bit, so I left most of the cotton-linen {not sure which} fabric.  I may add more lacy stuff on either side as I come across it in my stash.
the fabric color is off white...ish.
I did lots of other sewing yesterday, too, but no pix yet.  
Have a play skirt started for Meg, from fabric scraps.  
Got misty-fuse on other fabric for another project. 
Got the binding  prepped for the baby quilt, which I did some quilting on last night. {the bright one from a few days ago...}  
And stitched a bunch of sq.s together for another quilt for Meg and Lily, from 3 charm packs I got from eBay.  Those pre-cut square packs are handy.

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