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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rocks, Roosters and other junk

I got this fabric quite a while ago, over a year at least, and decided to just quilt it as is, all in one piece.  Something wasn't right, or it would have been done ages ago.  The needle, the thread, the batt, the fabric itself,??????? Anyway, it's done and looks upside down. But we didn't think it would look that way until we hung it up.  Rats. Love the stick.
Needlepoint.  From a calendar 'kit'. Not completely finished, but that's ok, it's a "painted" canvas.  I will frame it anyway.  Like the green I painted the cardboard to go behind it???
Start of a blanket. Fingers included to show size.  Bernat Satin Soft...Soft Satin?  Something like that.  Soft and cozy!
Ashley's first cat drawing.  May even have been the only one. I love it, of course.  Am going to do it in embroidery, for a quilt, for her baby, of course. I haven't made a quilt for Lily yet either, but that is in the works too.


  1. You've been busy. Don't you love that satin yarn, so soft!!! I like the river rocks - can you change the hanging rod so it hangs the other way - and I do love the stick.

    Nice color for behind the rooster.

  2. I like your rock piece. The fact that it looks a bit upside down adds to its contemplative nature. People can gaze at it and think. The stick is a marvelous touch.