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Friday, March 06, 2009

Mama's Got A Brand New...

Chair?   yeeehhhhoowwwwwwwwww
Ok, James Brown I'm not.  But check out my new year!! <--- that should say "chair", not 'year', hohoho  Ben found it at the Goodwill for 35 bucks!  This is for my 'sun corner' in the bathroom.  Though it kinda takes up the whole corner, may have to break out a wall or 2....haha  Hopefully some time this year we will get a replacement window with clear panes, so I can see the sky, have daylight, and and and....well, we will see.  The chair is comfy, tho not much to look at.
I have been meaning to post this picture for ages...AGES I say!  I finally got it all put together with the fabric {thank you Karen} and the frame. I added a tiny strip of a goldish stripe fabric all around the leopard to bring out the color of the spots.  This is a pastel done by Stephanie in 6th grade.So...I was messing with the thread I showed off a few posts ago. It's not the greatest of fibers, so I thought I would try crocheting a skein.  Didn't do to badly, but the gold sparkle sure didn't come thru in the photo!  this might be an ornament, or not....

This is one of the 'cupcakes'....look at how close the close-up feature on my camera can can see the fibers in the yarn...oh wait....that's just cat hair. Never mind.


  1. Love the chair - a chair in a bathroom - that's great. That is our plan for this weekend - hit the thrift shops for a chair for Don's Den - right now he sits in a lawn chair in there - not the greatest - but it is something to sit in. Maybe I'll find me some treasures while we are out - then it would be a really great outing.

  2. hahaha...I just noticed I called it a "new YEAR" instead of chair.....hahaha

  3. Oh that's a great quilting chair!! The leopard came out fantastic,love the gold accent!
    Very sorry about your poor kitty,that's the hardest thing to do in the world is to let them go.So very sorry.