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Monday, March 09, 2009

Barbie. It's what's for dinner.

haha.  Barbie is 50 today.  A little younger than me.  I had one. Did you?


  1. I'm much too old for Barbies - but my two daughters had a bunch of them - and Skipper and all their friends - I think one was Madge. I knitted tiny sweaters on round toothpicks and made them tie dyed clothes and polyester pant suits - and all sorts of things - what fun we had.

  2. I was trying to find the sweaters my mom knitted for my Barbie and Skipper, I know I have pix of them somewhere here in the ether....

    I still have an old Ken, stiff body type, but not sure about an old Barbie, though I do have the swimsuit!

  3. I had a flat-chested Skipper. We were poor, so my folks got her at a garage sale. For Christmas one year I got that and an assortment of little wigs as well. For some reason I remember an extra head as well. I had such fun prying her head off and replacing it, shades of that horrible child Sid in Toy Story!

  4. Never cared to play with dolls at all, too busy reading! I saw somewhere on the web today that a new revamped barbie has been issued for the occassion.

    bigger boobs and longer legs yet if you can believe it.

    Love the background of your blog.