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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's on Your Wall??

A giant picture of my cat....oh wait....not that.....
Here's what Dan put up.  {The cat was biting her clawnails, although crunching is a better way to describe the sound she makes.}  Anyway, I made this quilt a mess of years ago when I took a Quilt U. class from Bethany Reynolds, the creator of Stack 'n' Whack.
I named it Meta-morphass.
I used a butterfly print that didn't work really well for this method of piecing. ~ Say La Vie~  I gave it to my mom for her house and now that her house is my house, I get to put it up here!
Our backyard as it is now.  *note below*
Well.....what do you think about the batik in the middle of the 2 blues?  I am thinking of using this one for the next 'border' area.  It kinda goes with all the colors.

*from above*  A mess of years when I was a teen....I was with a friend, she was driving, and we passed this guy jogging in a t-shirt that was cut off above the waist.  I hollered out the window at him "Hey, didja get that shirt at a half off sale?" and broke into gales of laughter as only a girl teen can.  That joke has stuck with me, and that's what I thought of when Dan finished putting up the fence on our 'new' property line.  "We got half off our backyard!"

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