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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ideas Please

Pretty soon the visitor counter on the right will tick over to 10, what should I do?  Find something to give away?  have a blog party?  If I could make virtual party hats, would you wear one?


  1. All of those sound like fun - and yes, I would definitely wear a hat. I like funky hats! I too am nearing 10,000 hits - I never thought it was possible - maybe we should have a party together. I'll have to try and think of something to give away too I guess.

  2. hehe...i may have creted a mosnter...and now for the correct spelling on that....I may have CREATED a fingers have minds of their owns...

  3. I'll wear one! Will there be cake? I like cake. Ice cream on a separate plate, though, please.

  4. I'll wear one!

    On a slightly related note, my word verification string is "hazing".