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Friday, February 13, 2009

2 Hour Scarf

My DIL got this skein of yarn from Goodwill because she wants a green scarf.  So I crocheted this one last night for her.  The yarn is not a good one, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it.  I have some other yarn I got to make her scarf from, a bamboo, so I will try that next.


  1. Nice scarf - I've always loved variegated - I see the embroidery floss is being made in variegated again - couldn't get it for a long time. Cute doll bed yesterday - I need a granddaughter.

  2. What a nice scarf - good on you so many ways - that your DIL will ask you to make things for her, recycling Goodwill things into something new and wonderful, and you did it in a couple hours! you rock.