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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ta Da~ Duh~ Whatever~

It seems that when you upload photos to blogger and then MOVE them around to suit your fancy, before publishing of course, you screw up the "click to enlarge" option!  So now I know...and you do too.


  1. If you go to the HTML side of the window, you can copy the one segment that is your photo, it starts with < a and ends with a >. Take that and move it below or above the photo, again, paying attention to the < a or a >. Then go back to your compose side and see how it looks. Does that make sense? Email me if you need it explained further.

  2. Sorta....The part I suppose i really need to remember the pix in the order I want them to be! I also wonder if it has something to do with the 'new' background I picked....??