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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Build A Snowman

You start with SNOW.  Danny, our middle daughters BF, was here today and took Megan outside to build a snowman.  

First....Megan, you roll the snow up into a ball. Okay Danny.
Then, Megan, you pick it up and put it on top of the big ball.  K, Danny.
It rolled off, Danny.  I know Megan, we can fix it.
I'm thirsty Danny.  Ok Megan.
Here you go Megan.  Thanks Danny.
Megan, Age 3.5, Dec. 23, 2008
I didn't add quotes because I didn't hear the conversation.  I was a by-stander to this day in the snow. I didn't even take the pix.

We had 5 extra family last night-today.  With the snow making it difficult to get around in cars, the kids come to our house to be closer to the hi way and almost passable roads.  The women went to work, Ashley and Kacie, and the babes, Megan, Lily and Danny, stayed here.  Ok, Danny isn't exactly a 'babe' as in child, but I am sure he is a 'babe' in Ashley's eyes!

It is now the quiet before the holiday, as the crowd has been able to go to their own homes.  For the moment....more snow in the forecast.

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  1. More snow forcast! Oh, dear.

    Perhaps a bigger snowman tomorrow.