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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent ~ Day 25

Is there such a thing?  Here is our Snow-it, with more snow on it.  Danny put the wreath on the top for a crown.  
The dear Snow-it has given in to gravity and is no longer standing.
Yarn.  I purchased this trio of yarn-lets from Emily Parson  

and this gathering of yarns too.  This is from Emily's "magic ball", a combo of different colorways.  Since we weren't making a scarf, we needed to un-wind the ball and separate the colors for this hat. Click the pic to see the yummie-ness larger!!!
Last but not least....our 'tree' and gifts.  We have a tree, but can't get the gifts under it, so we are using this area instead and I love it!
So far we are all snowed in to our respective homes.  Well, Ashley and Danny are stuck over at Ben and Kacie's house, along with the babes, Megan and Lily.  So that's not so bad. They were able to leave candy out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.  Merry Snowy Christmas everyone!


  1. Was the carrot eaten? How thougtful of you.

  2. Nice looking gifts - what fun christmas is! Snowed in or not - it is still fun.

  3. I understand there was a bite taken out of the carrot.

    Megan was disappointed when she saw the candy bowl,
    "Santa didn't eat any!!"
    Adult answer,
    "Look in the bowl, Megan, it's full of wrappers, so Santa DID eat the candy!"
    Happy child!