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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent ~ Day 20

This jolly fellow on the door of this fridge is made up of magnets!  Fun!

Speaking of "fun" ....we are expecting "advent"urous weather today/tonight. It is supposed to snow, snow and snow.  There will be wind in dangerous amounts along the Cascade Mt. foothills [90 mph gusts, and 50 to 70 sustained winds are dangerous!] Since we don't live along the foothills, I am not sure what we will get, wind wise, but we should get some of the snow....the power could go there could be delays in my posting of the Advent.  I tried to find a map of the weather, but they were all boring looking.

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  1. cute snowman. I think all of WA is sitting and waiting for the storm to hit. Some friends on the peninsula have reported that the wind and icy snow has already started. We are ready - I hope - even bought a snow shovel today, first one we've had in over 30 years.