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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whats in your trash...?

Is that the trash?  Yes.  Isn't that the scarf you have been working on?  Yes? You don't like it?  No. Not even after frogging all the purple out to start over in the orange.  I am not re-frogging, just tossing.
seems like I have been working on rather unattractive things, right? Like the rug?  Yup.
Well look what I splurged on....Fabric?  Yes siree.  I grabbed these pix from eQuilter because  they have really nice pix of the fabric that I bought from them.  I am thinking of doing the Stack'n'Whack   One-Block-Wonder method of quilting.  I have always liked the SnW and doing it the OBW way makes me happy, and happy is good!!!
And these deer...oh so sparkly and new.  I am thinking of a small wallie...
And speaking of sparkles....Dan picked up these icicle lights at Ace.  They are huge! And they look really cool on the front canopy...I will try to take a picture soon.
Last I guess I can show you the jammy bottoms I am making for my girls. Snuggy flannel. {my big girls, not my little girls. the littles get store bought jammies with zippers and feet.}


  1. I love this post - so interesting and moves right along. But I do have to agree with your decision about the scarf - sometimes you just gotta move on. :-)

    I just threw away some little fairy houses I was trying to make - the photo looked one way and the tutorial was completely different - and very ugly - tried to save them but it was wasted effort

  2. I hate throwing away some things, but if it's just going to bug me and never get finished....toss it!

  3. I hate giving up, but sometimes you've just got to toss things. Onward and upward!