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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh God, there's blood....

Man, can those words galvanize a room full of tired people!  I had the grand-girlies today....all day....Lily, at almost 3 months, was semi-cranky [teething?] and Megan was her usual 100-mph self.

After dinner, because we had the whole fam damily here tonight, we were finally winding down and thinning out.  Ashley, Danny, and cousin  Joe [ok, so he's Danny's cousin, not ours] had just left.  I was headed into the other room where Megan was, when she let out a cry.  Her tired mama and papa heard it and slipped into the 'what is it this time' -ttude; I just continued on in to the room Meg was in.  As I got closer to her I could see red...

That's when I yelled "Oh God, there's blood."  Ben and Kacie were in the room, with Stephanie and Dan close behind before I was able to turn around, with Megan in my arms.  Turns out Megan had bit all the way thru her lower lip when she slipped and crashed into a dresser. 

Hugs and kisses Megan.

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