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Friday, October 24, 2008


As I was leaving a 'log out' type page on the net yesterday, I happened to say it out loud, and mom came back with this.....

"As the termite said to his friend, Log Out"

We had to explain it to Steph, who is not quite up on her termite knowledge. But then Steph is wayyyyyyyy ahead of Mom and Me when it comes to

Yesterday was Dan's birthday, he has hit the big 45.  He was not really a happy camper though. He later told me he likes everyone else's birthday but his own.  Ok.  I can understand that.  I look forward to someone else doing my chores on my taking out the garbage, picking up the pile of dog crap [if there is one], making dinner.....As I see it, the "making dinner" is about all I can expect....

This year I think I will hand out copies of my Honey Do lists and ask that they be completed for me.  For me, that would be the perfect gift.

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