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Monday, September 22, 2008

Smile, Lily, Smile

Lily is now 2 months old and she smiles, just not for the camera!
Megan's hair just keeps getting more and more amazingly curly!  And she gets smarter and smarter every day.  Common sense kind of smarts. 
Dude, you got a Dell.  Well actually, Dudette.  Steph's bday gift for the next 100 years.  Dad had to play with it too!  She did homework with weekend, said it was sweet to be able to hide in her room and still have internet access.  She even got the printer all set up on her own, and working!!!!  That's Ma Steph.  [as opposed to "That's Ma Boy" in The Dumb Bunnies]

Sheri they still have a Spring Fair in Puyallup, and they still have the Tulip Festival.

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