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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Duplos,paint shirts, babies,

Oh My! Megan loves the duplos [large legos] I saved.
Stephanie has been wearing the same shirt for this painting project she is's even on the iPod wires.

Don't pay attention to the extra chin grandma sports. Lily Mae is about 2 weeks old here.

Hey I sat at the sewing machine yesterday and sewed. Wow. Canvas curtains. For Stephs closet 'doors'. Wow. But. I. Did. Sew.

No embroidery lately. Lots of Olympic watching. Have my new glasses [not the ones in the above photo] and can see better now, so I plan to pick up the needle....soon.


  1. Gee, that baby doesn't look ANYthing like her big sister, now, does she? ;o) Amazing resemblance.

  2. amazing isn't it?? I think Lily looks like Megan does NOW, not like when Meg was a babe.

  3. I need new glasses too. I've made an appointment for 9/4/08. Things are getting blurry and it has slowed down my quilting.