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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Travelling To Spain, via Internet

The flight from Seattle to Spain had a stop over in Paris, oh darn. Then on to Madrid. Visit the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace. Then on to Puerto Lapice, then Cordoba.

Visit The Mezquita
Then on to Seville.
Steph is in Spain with a group from her high school. If you want your teenager to do this kind of adventure, be sure to mentally double the initial costs because of all the other things you have to get; new shoes {"mom, it's going to be hot, I need something I can walk in and sweat let my feet breathe in"}, new suitcase {"Mom I am not taking that thing Ashley used, it's huge"}, new hair do {"look mom I don't have to do anything to this"}

I couldn't get google to make me the map I wanted, so I ended up with 3. I admit I got Google Maps totally confused, I won't repeat what it 'said' to me...

I have no pictures to share, the camera is in Spain.

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