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Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures, Finally

Stephanie took nearly 2000 pictures!!! Yes, two thousand. I thought I would post some that are easy to label, since we haven't been able to sit down and go over them together, yet.
Look, a Spanish cat! ~below~~Lindsay [friend] and Stephanie, and cactus.
Tree. Steph said there were olive trees EVERYWHERE! [well it is Spain, after all]
"Doves," said Steph. "Not doves," corrected Lindsay, with teeth clenched I am sure, "white pigeons."
I can't find the Morocco pix, of the dyes and threads!!!! But Steph did return with a carpet from the market, and she did BARTER for it!!!!!! yeah Steph. More to follow, I am sure!

As for the impending arrival of Lily Mae, the baby, she is still impending. More contractions, but....

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