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Sunday, June 01, 2008

100 Stitches and Under 30 days

The 100 Stitches part~
Can you see the cost of the shipping on the envelope? 1.68$....that's it...and I was only charged 1.60$ on the order. SaaaaWeeeet. This is Valdani thread, hope I like it. Can you see the receipt was hand written also? Thank you Snowflake Memories!
This is the thread I got for the beachy-theme-fabric I showed you a couple of days ago. 100 stitches [in 200 days] has begun.

The Under 30 Days part~
See the ticker on the side there...for when Stephanie leaves for Spain...OMG.
Another OMG moment last night, late....

me "when's the last day of school?"
her "aaaaa....week after this", as she thumbs thru the calendar
me "TWO WEEKS FROM NOW????????????????"

Can you tell I was stunned?

Stephs first week of June:
Tues-Spanish class going to lunch
Wed- Math final [Pre-Calculus] has started to study
Sat- SAT exam-which she has not studied for AT ALL....dont' others study for this??

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