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Sunday, June 15, 2008

100 Details 7 & Color Class

100 Details Day 7 is the feather stitch, so I added it to this imaginary beach plant. And added more of the feathery tops. [I have not Detail 6 yet]
I added more fly stitch to the seaweed, and made the kelp bubbles from detatched chain stitches, one inside another.
I also decided to start another stitch 'sampler' of brighter colors. I like the controlled pallate of the beach theme, but....I also have all these bright threads and beads......whats a woman to do? The beads in the blue-green clusters are wooden, probably bleed all over the place when I rinse out the pen marks....
Just a bit of the fabric to gaze upon. Stephanie thinks it's gross, but admits the stitching all over it makes it look better. Gee thanks kid.
Color class. Left Brain. Right Brain. Can you tell whose is the RocketScientist and whose is the HippieMom?

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