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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Stephanie came home from school one day this week and told me her ceramics teacher said "I believe that if you continue with ceramics classes thru college, you will end up having a show" [as in an art show] What a wonderful thing for a teacher to say! Even if she doesn't, it's still a confidence booster. Tho now that I think about it, Steph doesn't need much of a boost in that class. She started out very right brain in her younger years, then along about 4th grade she got smacked upside the head with math, and her left brain started taking over. The ceramics class lets her right brain peek out now and then. And her bedroom....
She measured out the lines for the blue and black parts on the walls, which are now covered with shiny silvery tape. The quilt....I did the middle part from colors she picked and she finished the outside squares. You might not see the mathematical elements in all that color, but its there.

and I quote Stephanie, "I think geometry plays a huge role in my art."

Stephanie has made other things in class, but has not been able to bring them home, the teacher is holding on to them for now, darn. Ben made a DNA helix out of something many years ago for a class, never got that back either. [we can't remember if it was wire and styrofoam balls or what, I even called him just now] Every now and then we hear about how the teacher still uses it in class. {Ben is my oldest child, and Ashley is my middle girlie girl, both not mentioned often, but no less loved by moi}

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