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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paint, we even got some on the walls...

Paint. The first color is on. Peach Confection- Valspar. I had to adjust this photo, the flash didn't go off, of course, since I was facing the window, so I did a little tweeking. The white wall is the primer over the red, that is over red, over red, over gray primer, over vinyl wallpaper.
Well I guess that's one way to hold the roller. Can you tell by Stephs painting outfit that the weather was nice yesterday??

I wish I had a time lapse of our day in there....we got paint on our butts, hair, floor, cats tail.....not to mention our hands and arms and knees, and and

For further remodelling news, yesterday, Dan and Ben went to pick up a sliding glass door and a table saw [from the 60's?] for 30 $ in gas. The door and saw were free. The door even has the internal dividers like our windows have!

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