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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sticks and Stones

Make a wonderful garland. Steph turned a garland of stars [seen here] and blue beach glass mixed with other silvery things, into a garland of Sticks and Stones from our road trips.

We pick up sticks.....snicker....and other objects when we are at the beach, or other camping places, and they would get gathered into a box. And just sit in the box. Until now! As you can see, wire was used to hold it and string it together. Be sure to dig the wire into the stick or it will come loose and run back to the beach like the Gingerbread Man. I have no idea if you could find the stars anywhere, but you could always make your own, right? Or take apart existing things and recreate them.
this is a shelf to display objects de art. Sorry about the bright white spot, but that's what you get when you flash high gloss black paint. this is in Stephanie's room.


  1. I'm a stone and shell picker too. Great garland idea!

  2. Adding shells would be a great idea! I never seem to find very good ones though, so yours are probably better.