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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

do dads

This is Abby. On "her" bed. In "her" room. She has taken over the bed Ashley left here, but not the whole room, I have added a few things to the room....ok, so it's just junque, but it got out of our way in the rest of the house.

I tried to crochet with this yarn yesterday....not a hope in heck will I try that again. I could do the chain stitch...then couldn't see where the darn things went....rats.
The "purple crayon", that Harold was busy drawing all over this wallie, is now done. He can write words you know, like "duck" and "kiss" and "giving" and "all aboard" and if he misspelled anything...wellllll...that's ok, he's a kid, he's forgiven.
I need to fix that raccoon face. Needs more black between the eyes. And the pic below is just a shot of some of my sewing area. I am trying to show off the colors I the paints, the threads, the other things you don't see here that I plan to 'display' someday too, etc.
Inspector Claw - sew.
Steph said, "don't put that wooden thing out, it's ugly" Gee, thanks kid, that was mine when I was a kid. Ok if I put it with things you made???? {the lid in my painty fingers is to the sq. you see in the bg, Steph lined the inside of the box with beads too.}
The Doll and scooter Megan got for her birthday, who lives here at Grandmas house. Yes I made a quick new outfit for her, doesn't fit well, but is easy to put on and yank off. The doll is 18", the Our Generation from Target version of American Girl dolls. Megan thinks she is supposed to ride the scooter.
More carving my brother did. Long long ago, in a state far far away. Well, California isn't that far from Washington [state], I guess. Anyway, I had taken the paper towel extension parts off so I could display the wooden part on a shelf, and now I want the extension back on, so Dan made new parts and I am painting them.
Dan came home with this recently. A guy he works with knows a chain saw artist dude who made this up in about 10 minutes. Even has glasses!!!

This is a doll house I was given when I was a teen....pre-teen? Anyway, I have not been able to display it for...well....since I moved away from home. I can't remember if it came with a matching chair. A neighbor was clearing out a few things and gave it to me. I am pretty sure it's older than I am.
I was going to crochet a 'rag' rug for it, but the purple yarn was a bust. The needlepoint under the table is just for's a sweet little chick Steph did up from a calendar of projects we got a couple of years ago. I am not big on the 'sweet little stuff'.


  1. You've been busy.
    I gave away an unfinished doll house to a nine-year-old girl next door yesterday. She was thrilled.

  2. Oh Christine I am thrilled to hear you made another little girl happy! Some things should not be given to Goodwill, not because it's not worth it, but because they should be more personal!