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Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and That

These glossy leaves and red blooms are Ashley's plants. The glossy leafed one is a Gerbera Daisy , the red are mums. A. gets the plants from her boyfriend and then expects me to take care of them. Well, at least they aren't' dead yet.....yet.I was taking a key off my chain and stood looking at it. My brother carved the rabbit way back in the 1900's....the 70's maybe? He made it for mom. Mom never got to use it. I took the hook thingie off, it's been there almost as long as the rabbit....I put it back on.

Pretty good looking considering how much it's been tossed around, stepped on, smacked, etc.
And last.....Ashley may be 20, but she still doesn't empty her lunch box. So I did, after a few days. That is a plastic baggie of ketchup, to go with the corn dog she had, notice the stick. Not sure what she used the knife for, but I know she got it at Target....snort...

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