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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Maid in Me

Stove parts + Sandpaper= Clean-er stove parts. Trashes the sandpaper, so use small pieces.Stove top + spray stuff= cleaner than this picture. Wish I could use the sandpaper on this part, but the paint on the stove top isn't as tough as the burner gizmos. No more mouse poop~ Priceless!
If he sits, so shall he do SOMETHING. Got Dan to take all these patches, pins and buttons off the fabric hanging thing. I will go through them and see what to keep and what not to keep, as that is the question.
And in this corner....Steph is working on another project for me. I love this garland of stars, 'beach' glass and round-wire-balls, but alas it's not the right color for my bathroom, where it shall hang. So Stephanie is taking it apart and adding rocks to the stars....update later. {added snort...rock stars...gaffffffff}
F.I.S.H. New fabric. Gift for moi. Batiks from Bali, via Guam.
This shows the light piece a little better.
I was trying to get a shot of the snow outside and the fabric, 2-fer, ya know?


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Oh look, Vicky! You have your own blog spammer!

    I have a glass top range now, but used to clean the drip pans with spray on oven cleaner. Worked like a charm, and didn't mess up my manicure. *snort*

  3. Oh, and that blue green batik? With the trees? I LOVE it! Probably be cheaper for me to buy some for myself than to drive over there and steal yours, but the road trip would be WAY more fun. Lose the snow first though.

  4. Yeah road trip! And no snow here Dorothy, tho you might encounter some in between us.

    Dang spammer...I don't wanna have to up the jumbled letter thing back if I can help it...