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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is that on my floor???

It's paint. Not vomit. Not baby poop. I am painting the sub floor in our bathroom. Dan and Ben took the fugly carpet out, Dan pulled out the staples and other crap, I taped a few spots so I don't get paint on EVERYTHING, etc. The white tape is over the hole in the floor where the tubs plumbing used to be....well, it's still there, down in the hole. Dan will be fixing that somehow and then eventually we will put real flooring in.

I happily rolled that goop around, in fact it was a bit too much goop. Wah. Painting over the duct tape was fun too. the light spot on the floor is the light coming in the window, which is why this is gong to be my 'light therapy corner'.

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