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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Small Quilt and Pine Lake part 10

I was in a mini 9-patch block swap back in 2002 at the Quilting Forum at So I pulled the blocks out today, after re-finding them a couple of weeks ago, and sort of matched them up to make a quilt for Megan to use with her dolls/stuffed animals when she is here... And the backing [no batt] is a flannel receiving blanket I brought her daddy home from the hospital in 25 years ago!
One of my blocks with my signature symbol [I am a Capricorn, and my initials were VJ, before marriage, so I have used this symbol since my early teens.]
These were the 'stickers' on the block pairs with the names of the makers. Thank You ladies! Fish. Fabric fish. Thank You QF! I wanted to 'stuff' the fish, but didn't want to go thru the hassle of turning and stuffing, so I layered batt between front and back fabrics and stitched, then trimmed and painted. The white batt was a little bright, so I used black acrylic paint on my hand and the fish edges, and I figure the paint will help 'fray check' the edges too.


  1. The little doll quilt is so sweet, especially with its special backing.
    I see you found your fish. Good. Now I won't have to go digging in my stash.

  2. Love the little doll quilt. Once again admire your color choices.

  3. Well Sheri the color choices weren't exactly mine as it was a swap, but it sure made up to a happy quilt. Megan was here this morning for a bit and she wrapped her animals in it and called it a present!
    Christine I am still kinda hoping you will send me some fish...I need one for the lake...*smile*

  4. Glad you could use those fishies, they weren't swimming very fast at my house, lol.

  5. I love those fish! Very cool. I think your scrap quilt is great, too. I love making scrap quilts. Also, thanks for letting me know where I could still find my thread :o)