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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pine Lake ~ 8

Quilting. You may have to click to enlarge [CTE?] to even see some of the stitching, even though I do ji-nor-mous stitches with perle cotton.I had made the windows of the cabin a bright yellow...for lamp light or sun, so I added the lines for sunshine on this one. I made this pattern in EQ6, so I also made it up in darker fabrics. Can't find it of course....


  1. Vicky, it's simply beautiful. Great work.

  2. Lovely! And hello to an almost neighbor--I'm in Renton. :-)

  3. Vicky,

    I am enjoying watching this masterpiece evolve.
    I just remembered, I forgot to look for trout fabric for you.

  4. Hey Christine...I was going to mention the trout fabric, but you were so involved with your "life size " project that I decided not to interrupt you. I would still like some, but it's not a big deal....Big...get it? Life Size...ok, I know, I'm awful....