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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pine Lake~ 7

Progress. To the point of sandwiching. Yippee!The red arrow points to my furry friend Rocket who is holding the quilt down while I tug it here and there.Hummmmm....seeing the pine needles on the right, this way, I am not sure I like the back ground covering the pine cone fabric....I embroidered the needles on the same fabric I used for the light areas on the quilt. {it's not a white, more of a gray plaster look} And on the light area, the needles look good, but on the darker area....Well, I won't be quilting that spot for now, so I can see what you all think before that becomes a permanent thing.I added the mantle and hearth to the fire place too. I know the mantle looks crooked, but I am pretending it's a rough hewn block of wood.....I can't get Rocket to stretch out on the batt for a really good photo shot. That yellow thing is a cheese dish for food, I use it for safety pins. Earrings. The girls were clearing out their collection, so I scored some embellishments!The penny is for size. Even though we all know about what size earrings are, it happened to be there, so I left it.
And here is the other cat, Precious, holding Dan down to his chair. Such a serious look.

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