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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Weather pix

I tried posting these a couple of days ago....Proof of all 12 inches of rain that Bremerton got. The sign says Bremerton to the left, Silverdale to the right. Why did the salmon swim across the road?
This is the Gorst area, the main road to Bremerton and Silverdale. There are "back roads", but this is the hiway way.
The sinkhole in Port Orchard, in the bowling alley parking lot. It's also the Joanns parking lot.
Look, a car swimming with the ducks. [look carefully for the duck near the bushes.]


  1. Oh, my gosh! I've been on those roads when visiting my friend who used to live in Port Orchard. Those salmon on the road are the most amazing thing!

  2. Yow! That's some nasty flooding.
    We been getting ice storms for the last three days and it's suppose to continue for another couple days. I don't mind snow and rain but this freezing rain is for the birds.