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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent ~~ Days 4 & 5

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday!
Anyone want a chunk of coal ornament? [I can't remember where it was, but it's unusal.]
Baby Elephant eating a christmas tree...Yummmmmmmm.

Is everyone seeing my header smaller? As in, most of the picture cut off?


  1. your banner looks ok - I can see the cat, and there's a block of orange, and your blog name.

  2. Your banner looks fine in Firefox. A lot of people using IE seem to be having viewing problems, but they show up okay in other browsers.

    I love your unusual ornament and that elephant is great!

  3. An unusual ornament. Probably inspired by the old threat to bad children that they would get nothing but coal in their stocking. LOL

  4. I'm using IE and can barely make out that it is a marmalade cat but unsure if the real thing or a stuffed toy.
    Getting ready to attack the current quilt in a moment so I can mail it off finished to my client in the morning. Cheers!
    Janet in snowy Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia

  5. Yes, your header is smaller and cut off on my screen.
    I think the lump of coal is so clever. Elephants do like to eat trees, I've seen them on the Elephant Sanctuary webcam.

  6. thank you all for letting me know about my header....not sure what to do about it, so i will leave that for another day....

    i can't picture an elephant eating a tree, even tho i have a picture of it. what kind of teeth do they have that can chomp on a thick piece of wood?

    when i mentioned putting coal in the girls stockings, they both looked at me with a blank look. they had no idea what it was, so i had to enlighten them. next time i will tell them they are getting a home made gift from the dog, and they can pick it up them selves out of the back yard.