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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advent~~ Day 13

Real holiday things today....The Zoo Lights at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Ashley took her boyfriend for his birthday.
And of course had to take a picture of an occupant of the zoo....guess sharks were the only critter awake....haha.
the RocketScientist needed a new Pod Cover, so she made one for herself. "Houston, I think we have a solution"
gee, look at the fingerprints in the flash....


  1. WOW! Beautiful lights .Our zoo here has a lot of lights too but their all while. I love the colors.
    PS- I've been to the Tacoma Zoo back in the 60's :)

  2. Really beautiful pics - must be a great camera. Thanks for the reminder. Both of the Phoenix zoos do lights, and we usually go to Wildlife World (where we can ride a boat through some of the nocturnal habitat or take the overhead ride across the zoo). I had forgotten about it, so now we're checking the schedule for a time slot. =)

  3. ok, Sheri, so what did they have at the zoo back in the 60's?

  4. OK I don't remember. LOL It was pretty small maybe it was just a park with a few animals. We also visited the Seattle Zoo a few times. So it's a little hard to remember what we saw where. But... I think it was Tacoma had a Polar bear that paced back and forth in a small cage. At some point someone shot and killed the bear. Some said it was a mercy killing because the bear seemed so unhappy.But the Zoo officials said he was raised in captivity he didn't know any other life.Either way it was sad. Tacoma also had a very small marine life exsibt.I remember monkeys and a Moose but honestly don't remember if they were in Seattle or Tacoma.