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Friday, November 02, 2007

Flashback Friday

hehehe....I get many ideas from Dorothy, and here is yet another. Costumes. One year in elementary, Ben was to go as a story book character for 'dress up'. Couldn't have Halloween at the school, but they could dress up. Ben's fave story at the time was Stuart Little, so we made Ben a big cardboard canoe, wrote "Summer Memories" on the front and sent him off to school. It was a big hit as I recall. {the box was from a hot water heater, so you can imagine how big it was!!}

And wayyyyyyyyyyy back in 1975 I made a cape of red-white striped fabric, put a blue shoulder drape on it, stitched a few felt stars on the blue, and went as Ms. Bi-Centennial, for the upcoming year of 1976. I still have that cape.

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