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Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday about Fall

While growing up in Berkeley California, I don't remember any fall color. Either because we didn't have it in that temperate weather zone, or I just didn't notice, being a kid. But I did start noticing the color when I moved to Sierra City. There was one tree on the corner of Church St. and Hiway 49 that changed first. I have a picture somewhere in the albums, but not here. I DO have pictures of the trees in my new neighborhood. We didn't have any in the deep woods of the old place, just pecker poles. [tall skinny pine trees] This first pic is looking across the street.....
and here's a close up of that tree against the house.....not sure what it's called, but I love looking at it.And here is another one across the street...I think someone gave it a big shake last night because there is a whole lot less leaf-age on it today. That teeny wisp of something red in the left corner is my Wal-Mart Special, a red maple. At least I haven't made it life-less yet.And this is my new tree. My Himalayan White Pine that I was only able to give you links for the other day. Yes Dorothy, it is soft-ish and huggable-ish. Almost a bonsai. Those blocks along the lawn behind it? That's the area where this tree will go. I will build up a little hill so we can see it better from inside.


  1. Great colors! All the leaves blew off Fran's trees with the wind - even some that weren't turning yet! Love the new tree!

  2. Nice fall colors. I love the tree too. How tall will it get? I suppose it gets too cold here in Ohio for them.

  3. thanks for sharing! we bought a red maple at walmart yesterday!

  4. Sheri....according to the plant dude at the nursery, it will get huge, but slowly, so we can keep it under control....I love the bonsai look to it. far the maple has done well, despite my daughter nearly running it over every day. It was one of the few things I watered this summer, tho we don't get the heat like others do. [i see no sense in watering a lawn]