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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flashback Friday on Saturday

While the camera was in California taking pictures like this.....if you click the pic and view larger, it looks like all the boats are lined up. I believe this is Bullards Bar. and this is....? dirt? You can see some of the red dirt that does NOT come out of socks!I had this house drive by my house. It sat right in my front yard for a little while, then the movers unhooked it from the big truck and hooked it to a little Tonka Tractor and putted it down the street, then backed it into the lot. It was slick! Went right in without a hitch....well, it was hitched up already....and then the SUN peeked out of the clouds and shined itself of the front door you see. I knew then that Karma was smiling on that house and the owners!
I took this pic from my front door.

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